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Beach Realty and Kitty Hawk Rentals are looking for a licensed real estate manager with experience in the real estate industry. We are looking for an experienced, experienced and qualified real estate manager who works year-round in our Charlotte, North Carolina office. They can take on a variety of different roles, such as property management, marketing, sales and marketing.

The Property Management Consultant is responsible for real estate management, marketing, sales and marketing at our Charlotte, North Carolina office. The coordinator must be able to navigate the complex and complex real estate market in the Charlotte area in order to maintain a high level of customer service and follow the advice of potential customers and to work with our clients.

For more information and applications, please send your application documents by e-mail to the Human Resources Department of or fill in your application documents at 4820 N. Croatian Highland. , Charlotte, NC, which is delivered to you by hand.

The right candidate will receive all the support needed to successfully move to OBX, the largest and most competitive labor market in North Carolina. If you are considering moving OBx, please contact the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at the Charlotte branch office.

We need other talented, career-oriented people who share our customer focus and are interested in exploring opportunities for a rewarding career.

We are looking for more mature caregivers - caregivers who love North Carolina and the Smokey Mountains and should have the required real estate management experience. Another factor when looking for a job in the external banks should be the location of your new Shoreline OBX home. If you are considering buying a home for the elderly, have a look at our guide to the best retirement communities in the Outer Bank area. Explore how OBx compares to other holiday destinations and explore the many options available for your next home purchase in Outer Banks South Carolina.

Some of the most unique activities in the area include exploring Jockey Ridge and head-to-head hikes through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The area is home to a number of nationally recognized attractions, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Lost Coast National Wildlife Refuge. There are also some lesser-known attractions such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, the North Carolina State Fair and a variety of local restaurants.

If you enjoy a quiet holiday and are not afraid of a 15 minute drive to a shop or restaurant, South Nags Head is perfect for families. Centrally located in the Outer Banks and filled with shops, restaurants and activities for the whole family, the town of Kill Devil Hills is a great destination for those who want to stay busy and take in as much of the area as possible. If you like to fish on the water, you can book a fishing charter trip with the whole family to tackle the bait.

The base Scottsmoor is home to the US Marine Corps Special Operations Command in the Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks are a gift that always inspires me and I am lucky enough to earn a wonderful living in this paradise. We are less than 10 minutes from the sea, so there is no shortage of opportunities to see and appreciate the wildlife and beautiful landscape we are in. Living on the sound side is wonderful because we have a bay so close to the mainland that nobody can see it from OBX or Soundside. I was lucky enough to have recently moved to OBx, bought a second property and have relatives while I was still at university.

You will find places where you can eat anything you want, prepared by experienced chefs from the region who prepare the local catch of the day. As soon as I finished my work with the external banks, I started buying houses. I have browsed through many listings and found it very easy to navigate through them And if you need help, please contact our team of external brokers.

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Duck Nags Head generally has more shops, restaurants and year-round activities than the Corolla on Hatteras Island. The Outer Banks have some well-known shopping opportunities, but while your choice may be limited, it's full of independently owned boutiques and Ibes.

There are definitely local restaurants of quality, and with many excellent restaurant owners calling the Outer Shore their home, it makes the attraction a great tourist destination. If you live on or near the Inner Bank, you will surely find a good restaurant locally owned.

Our mission is to provide our homeowners, guests, customers and customers with the best possible experience with the outbuildings. Fun - A holiday of enjoyment, good food and good service is a big part of our mission, and we offer the best of both worlds to the homeowner, guest, client or client - a holiday in the Outer Bank and a home experience.