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Outer Banks is best known for sand and surf, but if you haven't traveled to the coast and found something like that, you're set for a treat. Shoreline OBX Vacation Rentals is your choice and we are committed to making your vacation the best ever. Explore the amazing art of the Outer Banks and experience the beautiful beaches of the South Carolina coast with us.

We are committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience and a kill at the same time, and we are proud to offer you that with Shoreline OBX Vacation Rentals.

We are sure that the great taste of Outer Banks will bring you the best of both worlds: a great beach, great food and great art. Visit the Wooden Feather Gallery for a full day of art, food and fun on the beach with our friends and family.

Media found at the Seaworthy Gallery include hand-blown glass, ceramics, handmade jewelry, sculpture, paintings, prints, drawings, and more. The selection they have to offer is a diverse mix of art from around the world and beyond. This is a great opportunity to give you a greater insight into local art and experience some of the best local food and drinks.

This art gallery lives up to its name with waterfowl, boats, lighthouses and marine life, as well as a diverse selection of artworks from around the world.

OBX is home to an exceptionally large number of artists, and we have a number of fine local galleries that proudly exhibit their works. It is difficult to highlight all these galleries, but in the interest of helping visitors navigate, here are five wonderful galleries to help you get started. The Blue Pelican Gallery is one of the most popular art galleries in South Carolina and offers a diverse selection of artworks by local and international artists, ranging from framed photography to hand-carved and painted birds. The gallery houses its uniquely handmade jewelry and is also a popular destination for local artists and art lovers.

The gallery also includes about 50 artists working in various media, including glass painting, ceramics, woodworking, painting, sculpture and other art forms. Kim's mother shows paintings in the gallery, as well as works by other local artists, many of whom have worked in the media such as woodwork, glass, photography, textiles, metalwork and more.

Charleston composer Alex Collier, whose music has been heard in Riverdale by Netflix and Silicon Valley by HBO, works behind the scenes at the Outer Banks music department. Among other things, he waves to the famous musicians who fill the walls of Art Place on Mondays to make music. He sees photography, and his subjects are mostly photographs of the outer banks, where he moved in 2016 from the more distant Janet.

Bobby's work has been on display at the Outer Banks since he was named "Best in Show" at the Fearless Art Show in Charleston last year. The DCAC Gallery is now in its third year presenting works by local artists such as Bobby and his wife Janet, as well as other artists.

The gallery is airy and bright and you will find a wide selection of works by local artists in an incredibly inviting price range. You will also discover a wide selection of art from the Outer Banks as well as some of the best local and national artists.

Says: "The shape of the Outer Banks has changed slowly over the centuries and I am sure that you will be surprised at some point if you feel like being surprised.

It will take a high migration rate to keep the Outer Banks above sea level, but fortunately there are many places that can be reached by car. The KDH Cooperative Gallery & Studios offers a wide range of art by local artists and artists from around the world. Alice's Craft Gallery has many opportunities for art from the womb, and fortunately there are many local art galleries and galleries in the area, as well as some great art shops and restaurants, all within driving distance.

You will not only find great American art, but also have the opportunity to marvel at the artists and craftsmen of the Outer Banks. This family produces many products and artistic installations in the gallery itself and supports local and national artists who create with found and recovered materials. Your creativity and dedication provide the perfect mix to create a destination that truly reflects your destination. Be inspired by art on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks, discover shells of all shapes, sizes and colors, collect sea glasses that tumble out of the surf and sand and discover shell shapes of all sizes and colors.

The breathtaking natural beauty of the coast seems to stimulate the creativity of local artisans, and their work often reflects the inspiring environment. While Susan and Phil buy from independent artists from around the world, most of the artwork is made locally in the store. We offer handmade works by local, regional and nationally known artists as well as artworks by local artists.

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More About Outer Banks