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Outer Banks Restaurant Week offers local food lovers and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a 3-course lunch and dinner offered by several participating restaurants at pre-set prices. It's a great way to dine with the crowd of Outer Banks this summer. Outerbanks Taste of the Beach Weekend is an opportunity to sample a variety of delicious food from local restaurants during a fun and packed weekend on the beaches of North Carolina.

Chilli Peppers will offer a Sunday brunch starting at 9: 00 a.m. with a variety of starters, salads, sandwiches and more for $5.00.

The Outer Banks "restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, with fresh salads, sandwiches and seafood on the menu. Hatteras - mussel chowder is a great appetizer, while appetizers include oysters, shrimp, crab, crab cake and more for $5.00. For added enjoyment, the Outer Shore restaurant scene offers many opportunities to enjoy the abundance of the sea and the fertile soil of the region.

Below is a list of eight of the oldest Outer Shore restaurants that are still open at the time of writing. If you're looking for a quick and easy trip to one of North Carolina's most popular restaurants, here's your guide to the best restaurants in South Carolina and the North Atlantic.

Get a whiff of Lox and take a dozen to go, and on the way make sure you don't miss any of these incredible restaurants in Outer Banks. Of course, everyone can do and leave what they want, including beaches and lighthouses, but if you're on the outer shore in March, make sure you check out the Outerbanks Taste of the Beach. Other popular locations include the North Carolina Museum of Natural History, the National Park Service and the U.S. Coast Guard.

The cuisine at the Outer Banks is as diverse as the landscape, and you'll find out why these quaint little Outer Banks restaurants are so popular year after year and why you don't come, but see why. I expect that if you want seafood, you'll have the best in North Carolina, so why not come and eat in one of these restaurants? You will find that the cuisine at Outerbanks tastes just as good as anywhere else in the country, and that is exactly why you can see more and eat more while on vacation at Outerbanks. Combined with the secluded beaches, the opportunity to sample a wide selection of seafood in one place is more than enough reason to visit the outer shores in autumn.

If you are already familiar with the search for top restaurants in Outer Banks on holiday, I hope this guide has been helpful. To help you and your roommates who spend a few days, weeks or months here in low season, we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in North Carolina's top tourist destinations. Check out this blog for more tips and tricks on shopping and dining at Outer Banks restaurants, and go to the Outerbanks South Carolina Food Blog for the full list.

This amazingly delicious restaurant is a favorite of Outer Banks, located in the heart of Hatteras town, just a few miles north of Hawk Mountain, and popular with locals and tourists alike. From handmade regional oysters to local fresh seafood in a comfortable environment, this is the best you'll find on the north shore. Just another fish restaurant just off the docks on Roanoke Island in Hattersas. This is also one of the best family-run restaurants in North Carolina and a great place to get fresh blue crab of the outdoor banking season.

On cold, rainy days, there's no better local taste to warm up in a restaurant in Outer Banks. This wind-powered brewery in the heart of Hatteras, just a few miles north of Hawk Mountain, brews delicious sandwiches paired with micro-brews. One of the best restaurants in Outer Banks, is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner with a good selection of local dishes.

Service is friendly, the food is great and the atmosphere is Outer Banks casual, but when you're ready to fill your face with oysters, just jump by to see if you've been caught. Awful Arthur is a locally produced oyster in Outer Banks, so you'll love the fresh ingredients used in the wraps and salads along with local seafood. This is another beach-themed restaurant in Hatteras, just a few miles north of Hawk Mountain. The classic décor in the dino style is very refreshing, as is the food delicious and the service, with a good selection of local dishes.

With fresh seafood, salads, appetizers and sandwiches, Outer Banks Brewery is a great place for brunch, lunch or dinner. Sugar Creek is open throughout the summer months for all seasons and you can often enjoy live entertainment.

Make it easy for yourself and visit this part of the coast so you can keep up to date with all these amazing restaurants.

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