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When it comes to family vacations, there is no better place than the Outer Banks of South Carolina in North Carolina. Most of the nearly 200 miles of beaches have seafront houses, and visitors will find a variety of options to choose from among a variety of hotels, restaurants, bars and restaurants. Some of the nation's most populous communities also have the largest number of restaurants and bars in the state, as well as popular tourist destinations such as Charlotte, Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Charleston.

The choice on Ocracoke Island is surprisingly large and varied, with some rooms with private balconies and hammocks. OBX vacations are available in a variety of small, inexpensive motels, some of which have been in business since the 1930s. The selection of hotels, restaurants, bars and restaurants on the outer shore of South Carolina is varied and can include a wide range of amenities such as restaurants and bars, hotels and resorts.

What sets the Outer Banks apart from other coastal towns is the proximity of the beauty of nature to the accommodation of guests. Because we are on the Atlantic Ocean, we have some of the best views of Ocracoke Island and the rest of the South Carolina coast. From the moment you step out of the door, our goal is to offer you a relaxing and unforgettable holiday on the Outer Shore, offering the best of both worlds: a beautiful beach and a great holiday experience. Guests can also enjoy the YMCA located on the outer shore, as well as other amenities such as a spa, fitness center, swimming pool and fitness centers.

Weekend vacationers will enjoy all the attractions that Outer Banks has to offer, such as the beach, sea and beaches. Prices drop significantly in low season, but large groups, such as wedding parties, can get even higher discounts as many hotels like to open their doors to guests for weddings in the outer bank destinations.

Make sure the hotel or motel of your choice offers special promotions or packages. In addition, guests who wish to stay for a whole week should also consider booking early to ensure accommodation in the outer banks. Summer is the peak season for the outer shores, so you need to plan your budget accommodation in advanced years. Not to mention that many of the popular North Carolina vacation destinations, such as Myrtle Beach, can also be transferred to the outer shores.

For a completely stress-free vacation, visitors staying in a weekly vacation rental apartment may want to consider staying at a local hotel or motel in Outer Banks until check-in. Splash in the hotel's outdoor swimming pool or head to the beach, which is just steps away.

Water lovers will love the village of Hatteras at the southern end of the island, as most motels and hotels here offer fantastic views of the harbour - with front and sound proofing. Guests looking for a popular small motel will find their way to the outer shores and will be pleased to discover the friendly hospitality that goes with the beach, always free of charge. At the shutterbanks you can spend time in the sun with a glass of wine or beer in one of the many outdoor pools.

If you're looking for a waterfront location at a reasonable price, the Travelodge Nags Head Beach Hotel is a good choice. Located just a short walk from the beach at the southern end of the Outer Banks, this hotel offers guests access to a beautiful beachfront pool, private beachfront restaurant and many other amenities. If you're looking for the cheapest accommodation in the outer banks, look no further than this hotel.

The floor-to-ceiling TowneMap (r) also helps guests get used to the Outer Banks as they have great places to eat, play and live. The Myrtle Beach area also has far more golf courses than would ever be possible on the outer shores, and there are certainly stretches of beach that will be attractive to pretty much anyone.

Since beaches are so important to what makes the outer shores, there are a lot of things to do here that the urban environment of Myrtle Beach does not offer, and some of the hotels we found were practically luxury oriented.

Outer Shore hotels and motels are ideal for a getaway, and accommodations range from small mom-and-pop motels, which were a staple on the beach in North Carolina in the 1950s and 1960s, to larger, multi-story hotels with private oceanfront balconies that towers over the ocean waves. Within the marinas that line the Pamlico Sound and surround the harbor, there are also several small hotels, so visitors can pull up their boats, drop anchor and enjoy the magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque beaches along the coast. If you stay in one of these hotels for a whole week, you can use them, but be aware that they are only available for overnight stays, not for whole weeks.

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More About Outer Banks