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Some of the best shopping in Outer Banks is known from Corolla to the South Coast. The best shopping destinations in Outer Banks are those staying at Corollas and Duck on the South Coast or North Carolina.

Whalebone Surf Shop has all kinds of surf gear and surf gear you need for the beach. If you are visiting Outer Banks on vacation or live here year-round, Food Lion is the local grocery store where you can find all the items on this list at amazing prices. Half grocery, half hardware, this shop has everything you might need during your island stay, such as sunscreen, umbrellas, water bottles and other essentials. Farmer's Daughter has a wide selection of souvenirs to bring back from your trip, such as beach towels, beach towels, surfboards or even a surfboard.

The chain operates in the Outer Banks with two locations, Nail Head and Duck, and sells Christmas decorations, trees and ornaments throughout the year. Roanoke Island does not have a proper beach, but there are many activities, ranging from surfing lessons to horseback riding.

If you have access to a boat or rent a kayak from Kitty Hawk Kites, you can take a trip to Roanoke Island, the largest island of the Outer Banks. Visit the Nail Head National Wildlife Refuge and North Carolina State Park to learn more about the ecology of the area.

Local favorites like Conner's Supermarket are located near the lighthouse, as well as other local shops and restaurants. Highway 12, known as the Outer Banks Scenic Byway, connects the islands and stretches from Corolla in the north to Cape Hatteras. You can turn off NC Highway 12 at North Carolina State Park and turn right onto the road to Roanoke Island, the largest island in the island chain.

If you want the best food at Outer Banks and great views of Roanoke Island, you should definitely visit Owens Restaurant. At Duck, you can buy a bottle of wine or beer, as well as a selection of local beers, wines and spirits at a great price and a wide selection that you won't give away when shopping at one of North Carolina's most popular bars and restaurants.

This is a completely unassuming cabin with a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits, as well as great views of Roanoke Island and the Outer Banks. North Carolina beer and wine is available at Brew to Kill, which sells a variety of beers and wines from across the state.

The company has also set about building smaller stores on leased land, which Lidl is planning on the outer shore. Since opening in Whalebone Junction in 1975, it has moved to Nags Head and moved its retail operations to a store in Outer Banks Mall, which opened in June this year on Milestone 14, but shortly after the owners announced plans for a temporary relocation. The Outerbanks icon has served hungry Nag's Head has been a popular place for visitors and locals for 29 years.

The cast and crew moved to Charleston, South Carolina, after exploring the site to make the city look like the real Outer Banks. Southern Shores, which is less than four miles long, and Lidl appear to be moving out of Nags Head while it closes at a new location at Milestone 14, just a few blocks from the original store.

Experience what the beach looked like decades ago by visiting one of these amazing local shops. If you're not looking for something special, you can drop by for a drink or two in the local bar or restaurant. After watching a scene with the Pogues and a boat, chances are you'll catch a glimpse of the scenic waterfront promenade called Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. There are many shops, restaurants, bars and restaurants in the area, which are filled with the Outer Banks vibe by the cast and crew of "Outer Banks" and other popular TV series.

If you are looking for a little seclusion, Kitty Hawk offers the family a variety of activities, including hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, golfing and more, for you and your family. Centrally located in the outer banks and filled with shops, restaurants and activities for the whole family, Kill Devil Hills is the perfect destination for those who want to stay busy and take in as much of the area as possible. With a few shops and restaurants scattered over 15 miles, your Corolla is in a perfect location if you want to do a few things.

If you enjoy a quiet holiday and are not afraid of a 15 minute drive to a shop or restaurant, South Nags Head is perfect for the family. If you want something special, get in your car and head to the Outer Banks for a day of hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and more. The biggest disadvantage of the outer shores is that there really is no easy way to get there, but I think that a car on the island is a non-negotiable point. Those who like to be in the water and fish can book a fishing charter trip with the whole family to fight the bait.

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