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As with all other races of the outer banks, there is no shortage of opportunities to wind your way through the natural beauty of North Carolina's outer banks. Fly the Pirate, the TowneBank Outerbanks Marathon and other great events on your Outer Bank walking tour.

The Outer Banks offer a wide range of outdoor activities suitable for everyone, and the location hosts some of North Carolina's most famous beaches, such as Cape Hatteras, where vacationers surfed from the 1940s until a long restoration and redevelopment in 2011. The beaches of the outer shores stretch for more than 100 miles and are surrounded by 900 miles of water. They are protected by the National Park Service, which protects more than 70 miles of the coastal region. This makes the outer shores a great destination for kayaking, canoeing, fishing and other outdoor activities.

For all the adventures the Outer Banks offer, the relaxing features of a classic beach resort are combined with the laid-back atmosphere of an old-fashioned town like Cape Hatteras or Cape Fear. This is part of what makes the outer shores so unique, and it is also a great place for outdoor sports and recreation.

The northern Outer Banks have five lighthouses a day, three of which are located in Dare County on the Outer Banks. The pristine gardens of the North Carolina Botanical Garden and the Center for the Natural History of South Carolina, the largest botanical garden in the world, are located in the northern part of the OBX.

The beaches of the northern Outer Banks can be up to 2 km wide and reach a peak of up to 2.6 miles. Windsurfers can also explore a network of sandy sound-proofing trails and start from their headrests at the North Carolina Botanical Garden and the Center for the Natural History of South Carolina. Adventurous surfers can try to travel north to Carova, where the beaches become more gradual and the waves can break further off the coast and where sometimes no beach is as densely populated as in the northern part of the OBX.

Hatteras and Ocracoke Island, which is bordered by Pamlico Sound, have an average depth of about 5 feet near the coast and extend more than 25 miles west to mainland North Carolina. Hattera Island is connected by a bridge from the northern outer shore and consists of two small islands and a number of starting points, such as the Salvo Day Use Area. It includes a sandy beach, a beach park with picnic area and an amphitheater, as well as a Salvo Day area located on the north side of the island, just north of Carova, about 800 m south of Salva Beach.

Resources are available for surfers and lessons are available at the Outer Banks and Ocracoke Beach School. You can also surf at one of the many surf schools you can find, such as the Cape Hatteras Windsurfing Center, the North Carolina Wind Surfing Association or the Ocean Launch Center. Do not forget that if you need to rent a boat to complete your holiday on the outer shore, please click here for more information on access to the beach and the beach.

Turf is Up (OBX) is the leading sports club of the outer banks, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy the sport with the help of ultra-high quality simulators. The Ocean Launch Center and is one of the longest-standing water sports companies in North Carolina.

The mission of Outer Banks Sporting Events is to organize sporting events and competitions, promote a healthy lifestyle and provide financial resources for the help and education needed, while contributing to the development of a healthy community of sports enthusiasts in the Outer Banks region. The North Carolina Sports Association (NCSA) is one of the largest and most active sports organizations in South Carolina. Whether it is a sporting event, golf tournament or a visit to a local community centre, NC SA is there to support and nurture the event.

The Outer Banks are considered the home base of the company and as such they have behaved like windsurfers.

Kilmarlic Golf Club, regularly rated as one of the best golf courses in North Carolina and the third best in the country, is located in a vast wetland area on the outer shore. Tucked away in the Kill Devil Hills of Hatteras Island, near Nags Head, is an outer shore community known for its beautiful beaches and scenic views. You will begin to understand the unique partnership between Kil Marlic and golf and nature as you play your way through a canopy of giant oaks, pines and dogwood trees that symbolize the natural beauty of this part of the North Atlantic coast of South Carolina. This is the perfect setting for a golf course and a great introduction to the world of golf in this beautiful area.

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